Bioinformatics and functional genome analysis research group

Head of the group: 
Endre Barta, PhD
Group members: 

Endre Barta - associate professor, head of the group

Erik Czipa - junior research fellow

Orsolya Pálné Szén - PhD student

Csaba Papp - PhD student


Our primary goal is to better understand the general processes governing the regulation of mammalian gene expression. To achive this goal we are analyzing functional genomics experiments available in the SRA or ENA database. We are specialized to wrk with big data stored in these databased. We have developed specific pipelines to download and process any ChIP-seq (Barta E, 2011), RNA-seq and GRO-seq (Dániel et al 2014) and ChIA-PET sequencing data.


We are convinced that the meta-analysis of the huge amount of mostly un-analyzed functional genomics data enables us to find new regulating circuits or rules responsible for gene regulation.