Flow Cytometer and Cell Sorter Service

Locations and Contact Information

Location of FACS aria III: LSB 3.029
Location of FACS Calibur: LSB 3.043

 István Szatmári, PhD
Core Facility Supervisor

Email: szatmari@med.unideb.hu
Phone: +36-52/416-432/65527

Pál Botó, PhD student
Core Facility Manager

Email: boto.pal@med.unideb.hu
Phone: +36-52/416-432/64593


  • assisted and unassisted cell sorting, using BD FACS Aria III cell sorter
  • unassisted analysis available 24/7, using BD FACS Calibur and BD FACS Aria III
  • extensive training on FACS Aria III
  • consultation on experimental design and data analysis




Cell sorter with all available 6 lasers, running BD FACS Diva 6.1 on Windows XP
Available lasers: 375nm, 405nm, 445nm, 488nm, 561nm, 633nm
Multicolor flow cytometric analysis: 18 fluorescence parameters can be simultaneously monitored
Capable of 2 and 4 way sorting, plate sorting, sorting onto slide.

BD FACS AriaService Fees

Users from UD: 2000 HUF/h
Users outside of UD: 5000 HUF/h

The calculation of the service charge is based on the online booking.


BD FACS Calibur

FACS Calibur is equipped with two lasers, allowing for excitation at 488 nm and 633 nm.
Four channels can be set for fluorescent parameters. CellQuest software (Mac OS X) is used for sample acquisition and data analysis.

BD FACS AriaService Fees

Users from UD: 1000 HUF/h
Users outside of UD: 2500 HUF/h

The calculation of the service charge is based on the online booking.

Instruments booking

Online reservation is required for use of our services.
Reservation of our instruments is available through our Calendar after registration.
Editing or deleting your booking is available only at least 30 min before your appointment.

Policies and guidelines (FACS Aria III)

The FACS Aria III can be operated by trained users, all new users must participate on a two-day training program.
The FACS Aria III cell sorter can be used 24/7. However, facility staff is only available during normal university work hours (8:00-16:00) for help.

Fluidics Startup:

While last user of the week has to perform Fluidics Shutdown (see below), first user of next week has to perform Fluidics Startup.

Daily cleaning:

After your analysis is completed, please follow the protocol:
- 5 min FACS Clean, - 5 min FACS Rinse, - 5 min DW

Daily Shutdown or “End of the day” cleaning:

Last user of the day has to perform according to the following protocol:
Daily cleaning + 2 sets of Clean Flow Cell method (FACS Clean, FACS Rinse, DW)

Weekly Shutdown:

Last user of the week (usually on Friday) has to perform “Fluidics Shutdown”.

Data management and storage:

It is the responsibility of all registered users to copy their data to a secondary computer device. You can bring your flash drive to transfer data.
After copying your data please leave only.

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