Phosphatase Lab practice

2017, April 28 - 10:38

Dear Students!

It appears that many of you (1st year GM, DENT students) are coming to the phosphatase lab practice without the printed lab practice booklet in spite of the detailed information you got through Neptun how to log in into our website and download the required document. Not bringing a printed-out lab practice booklet means you are not prepared for the practice, if you are not prepared actually you should not be allowed to perform it, and without completing it you do not fullfill your requirements to complete the subject. Considering that this system is new to you, as an exception I am uploading the required files to the public News section to make it easier to get. In the meantime I strongly request you to come to the lab practice prepared, and with a printed out lab practice booklet.

Jozsef Tozser, head of the department