GM II. Biochemistry seminars

2017, February 12 - 20:22 Change of seminar teachers
Dear Students!
It is a recurring problem that year by year some of the second-year groups are not satisfied with their seminar teachers, so they request their replacement. Surely, the experience, knowledge, teaching ability of our staff members are not equal, but I am confident that they try their best to support you in your studies. As the original assignment of the teachers to the groups was random, we believe that the best we can do is to replace all of them again randomly, and keep this system for the future. So in the three semesters in which our Department is involved, you will work with three different seminar teachers. I hope that all groups will be able to work with the new teachers efficiently and fruitfully.
Sincerely yours,
Jozsef Tozser, head of Department.