Research Laboratories

Name Head of the research laboratory
Apoptosis Research Laboratory László Fésüs, MD, PhD, DSc, MHAS More
Apoptosis Signaling Laboratory Zsuzsa Szondy, MD, PhD, DSC More
Laboratory of Retroviral Biochemistry József Tőzsér, PhD, DSc More
MTA-DE Laboratory of Protein Dynamics Mónika Fuxreiter, PhD, DSc More
MTA-DE Momentum, Genome Architecture and Recombination Research Laboratory Lóránt Székvölgyi, PhD More
Nuclear Hormone Receptor Research Laboratory László Nagy, MD, PhD, MHAS More
Stem Cell Differentiation Laboratory István Szatmári, PhD More

Reseach groups

Name Head of the research group
Bioinformatics and functional genome analysis research group Endre Barta, PhD More
Biomarker Research Group Csősz, Éva PhD - associate professor More
Personalized Medicine Research Group Bálint L. Bálint, PhD More
Protease enzymology research group Dr. András Szabó, PhD More